Department of Mathematics, Cornell University


About the GoodQuestions Project

The GoodQuestions project seeks to improve calculus instruction by adapting two methods developed in physics instruction — ConcepTests and Just-in-Time-Teaching. GoodQuestions is a pedagogical strategy that aims to raise the visibility of the key concepts and to promote a more active learning environment. The essence of the approach is to develop questions that

  • stimulate students’ interest and curiosity in mathematics;
  • help students monitor their understanding;
  • offer students frequent opportunities to make conjectures and argue about their validity;
  • reflect the role of student prior knowledge and misconceptions in building conceptual understanding;
  • provide instructors with frequent formative assessments of what their student are learning;
  • support instructors efforts to foster an active learning environment.

For a summary of our pilot project and results presented at the Joint Meetings in January 2005, click here

Support for the GoodQuestions project is provided by the National Science Foundation's Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement Program under grant DUE-0231154.

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