Ph.D.'s for whom Nerode was Chair

We give the last known affiliation.

1964: Carol E. Wolf, Mathematics

Thesis Title:Partial recursive Operators on Closed Sets

Department of Mathematics, Pratt Institute

1965: David Edward Schroer

Thesis Title: Church-Rosser Theorem (Rosser was original Advisor)

Department of Mathematics, Adelphi University

1965: Alfred Manaster, Mathematics

Thesis Title: Higher Order Indecomposable Isols

Department of Mathematics University of California at San Diego

1965: Louise Hay, Mathematics

Thesis Title: Topics in Recursion Theory: 1. The co-simple isols 2. Creative Sets

Dept of Mathematics and Computer Science, University of Illinois at Chicago (deceased)

1966: Joel Rosenstein, Mathematics

Thesis Title:Recursive Fuctions of Arguments of Finite Type

Department of Mathematics, Rutgers

1967: Phillip Olin, Mathematics

Thesis Title: An Almost Everywhere Direct Product

Department of Mathematics, York University , Canada

1967: Robert Soare, Mathematics

Thesis Title: Recursion Theory on Dedekind Cuts

Department of Mathematics, University of Chicago

1968: Barbara Ryan, Mathematics

Thesis Title: Omega-Cohesive Sets


1968: Jack Plotkin, Mathematics

Thesis Title: Generic Embeddings

Department of Mathematics, Michigan State University

1968: Manuel Lerman, Mathematics

Thesis Title: Recursive Functions Modulo Co-maximal Sets

Department of Mathematics, University of Connecticut

1969: Robert Jeroslow, Mathematics

Thesis Title: Uses of Self-Reference in Arithmetic

Department of Operations Research, Georgia Tech (deceased)

1969: Herbert Shank, Applied Mathematics

Thesis Title: Topics in machine Theory Department of Combinatorics, University of Waterloo (retired)

University of Waterloo (retired)

1970: Donald Alton, Mathematics

Thesis Title: Uniformities in Recursively Enumerable Sets

Department of Computer Science

University of Iowa (retired)

1970: Taylor Ollman, Mathematics

Thesis Title: Operations on Models

Financial Trader. Location unknown.

1971: Paul Campbell, Mathematics

Thesis Title: Suslin Logic Department of Mathematics

Beloit College

1971: George Metakides, Mathematics

Thesis Title: Some Results in Metalogic

University of Patras (retired)

Director, Telecommunications

Directorate XIII, European EC, Brussells, Belgium

1972: Richard Tenney, Computer Science

Thesis Title: Decidable Pairing Functions

Department of Computer Science, U Mass Boston

1974: Edward Eisenberg, Mathematics

Thesis Title: Effective Isomorphisms of Algebraic Systems

Physician, specialties psychiatry and anesthesiology

1974: Jeffrey Remmel, Mathematics

Thesis Title: Co-recursively Enumerable Structures

University of California at San Diego

1976: Michael Venning, Mathematics

Thesis Title: The Structure of Aleph-zero Categorical Structures

Physician, New York City

1976: Iraj Kalantari, Mathematics

Thesis Title: Structural Properties of the Lattice of Recursively Enumerable Subspaces

Department of Mathematics, University of Western Illinois

1976: Alan Retzlaff, Mathematics

Thesis title: Recursive and Simple Vector Spaces

Senior Scientist Baxter Labs of Xerox Corp., Rochester

1976: Terry Millar, Mathematics

Thesis Title: Theory of Recursively Presented Models

Mathematics Dept, University of Wisconsin Madison

1977: Charlotte Lin, Mathematics

Thesis Title: Recursion Theory on Countable Abelian Groups

Senior Manager and Staff Scientist, Boeing Corporation, Seattle

1978: Peter La Roche, Mathematics

Thesis Title: Contributions to Recursive Algebra

Industry, in Rochester, N.Y.

1981: Neil Immerman (Hartmanis was joint advisor), Mathematics

Thesis Title: First Order Expressibility as a Complexity Measure Computer Science

Department, University of Massachussetts, Amherst

1981: Steve Brady, Mathematics

Thesis Title: Recursive Aspects of Real Closed Fields

Current location unknown

1982: Jaime Bohorquez, Mathematics

Thesis Title: On the Effective Content of the Theory of Modules

Mathematics Department, University of the Andes, Columbia

1982: Lenny Schrieber, Mathematics

Thesis Title: Non-recursiveness in Euclidean and Integral Domains

Computer Consultant, NYC

1983: Phillip Scowcroft, Mathematics

Thesis Title: The Real-Algebraic Structure of Scott's Model of Intuitionistic Analysis

Mathematics Department

Wesleyan University, Connecticut

1984: Sheryl Brady, Mathematics

Thesis Title:Recursive Topology in Euclidean Spaces

Mathematics Department, State University of New York, Purchase. Current location unknown.

1990: Duminda Wijesekera, Mathematics

Thesis Title: Constructive Modal Logics

Computer Science Department, George Mason University

1990: James Lipton, Mathematics

Thesis Title: Relating Kripke Models and Realizability

Mathematics Department, Wesleyan University, Connecticut

1990: Alexander Yakhnis, Mathematics

Thesis Title: Game Theoretic Semantics for Concurrent Programs and Their Specifications,

Staff Scientist, Sandia Labs, Albuquerque, New Mexico . Current location unknown.

1990: Vladimir Yakhnis, Mathematics

Thesis Title: Concurrent Programs, Calculus of State Strategies, and Gureviuch-Harrington Games

Staff Scientist, Rockwell International Science Center

1998: Jennifer Davoren

Thesis Title: Modal Logics for Continuous Dynamics

Computer Sciences Laboratory, Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

1997: Geraldine Brady, History of Science

(degree awarded by the University of Oslo)

Thesis Title: From Pierce to Skolem

Senior Editor, Astrophysical Journal, University of Chicago

1999: Robert Milnikel, Mathematics

Thesis Title: Completeness of Fragments of L- omega-one-omega

for non-monotonic systems

Department of Mathematics, Wellesley College

2000: Suman Ganguli, Mathematics

Thesis Title: Recursive Completeness Theorems for Modal Logics

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