The Strong 2 Clubs Opening

         A 2 opening promises an extraordinarily strong hand, usually with 22 or more total points. You must not pass a 2 opening by your partner. Instead, choose one of the following responses:


         The Negative 2 Response.      On most hands, you should make a negative response of 2:

2 — 2:     Shows 0-7 HCP.

After a negative response, opener should describe his hand further:

2 — 2 2, 2:     Shows a 5-card major suit.
  2NT: Shows 22-24 HCP and a balanced hand.
  3, 3: Shows a 5-card minor suit.
  3NT: Shows 25-27 HCP and a balanced hand.

NOTE:     Responder should use Stayman and Jacoby Transfers after 2 —  2 —  2NT and 2 —  2 —  3NT.


         Positive Responses.      With 8 or more HCP, you should make a positive response:

2 2, 2, 3, 3:     Shows 8+ HCP and a 5-card suit.
  2NT: Shows 8+ HCP and a balanced hand.

After a positive response, neither partner is allowed to stop before game. (You have 30 points!!)
        NOTE:     After a positive 2NT response, opener should use Stayman but not Jacoby transfers.