Competitive Rules


         Bidding New Suits.      Since finding a good fit is so important in a competitive auction, you should obey the following rule:

Rule for Competitive Auctions:
        Until a fit is found, any new-suit bid usually promises a 5-card suit.

Also, you do need to worry about points before you find a fit. Here are some examples:

1 — (1) — 1:     Promises 6 points and 5 spades.
1 — (1) — 2: Promises 10 points and 5 hearts.

        EXCEPTION:    You may bid a 4-card major after 1 — (1):

1 — (1) — 1:     Promises 6 points and 4 hearts.
  1: Promises 6 points and 4 spades.


         Bidding Notrump.      Recall that a stopper is a holding in a suit which makes it unlikely that the opponents will be able to run the suit immediately. For example:

A8 K3 QT4 98632

are all stoppers.
        The primary rule for bidding notrump in competition is:

Rule for Competitive Auctions:
        Any notrump bid promises a stopper in the opponents' suit.