Other Notrump Openings


         Bidding After 2NT.      The responses to 2NT (20-21 HCP) are similar to those after 1NT, except that it is impossible to invite game. Responder should classify his hand as follows:

0-4 points:     Minimum Hand
5+ Points: Game-Forcing Hand

You have the following options:

2NT — Pass:     0-4 HCP and no 5-card major.
  3: Stayman (with 5+ HCP).
  3: Transfer to 3.
  3: Transfer to 3.
  3NT: 5+ HCP and no 4-card majors.

NOTE:     The same responses are also used after 2 — 2 — 2NT (showing 22-24 HCP and abalanced hand), but with slightly different point ranges.


         1 Notrump.      First of all, you should not use notrump conventions after a "1 Notrump" opening:

1 — 1 — 2NT — 3:     Shows club support (not Stayman).

         Second, I would like to point out that the convention is to jump in notrump. All of the following are 1 notrump openings:

1 1 2NT
1 1 2NT
1 1NT – 3NT
1 2 3NT

         Third, I want to emphasize that you should not jump to 2NT if you have support for partner's major. If partner bids 1 or 1 and you have 4-card support, you should raise the major!