Responding with a Minimum Hand

         Here are your options with a minimum (6-10 point) hand:


         The Single Raise.      You may raise your partner's major suit with 3-card support (or preempt with 5-card support):

1 — 2:     6-10 points and 3-card heart support.


         Bid a New Suit at the 1-level.      You may bid any new 4-card suit at the 1-level, starting with the lowest 4-card suit you have:

1 — 2:     6+ points and at least 4 hearts (forcing).

Partner should raise if he also has 4 hearts (since he knows you have an 8-card heart fit).

        NOTE:     You may not bid a new suit at the 2-level. Such a bid shows a stronger hand.


         Raise Your Partner's Minor.      Since a 1 or 1 opening usually shows a 4-card suit, you need 4-card support for a raise:

1 — 2:     6-10 points and 4-card club support.

Also, you should not raise your partner's minor if you have any 4-card majors: bid them first.


         Bid 1NT.      You may bid 1NT if your hand does not fit into any of the above categories:

1 — 1NT:     Shows 6-10 HCP.

This is a catchall bid to show that you have enough strength to respond, but not enough to bid at the 2-level.