photo of Alan Dow

60 years of Dow
celebrating the mathematics
of Alan Dow

December 6–9, 2014

Alan Dow has made deep contributions to set-theoretic topology and has been one of few researchers to pioneer new techniques in set theory which were directly motivated by fundamental topological problems. This conference aims to bring together the different areas of research relating to Professor Dow's work on compactness, convergence, and their relation to set theory and forcing. A special meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Mathematical Logic Seminar (MAMLS), supported by the National Science Foundation.

   group photo

More conference photos courtesy of Jerry Vaughan, University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Plenary Speakers


Map, Directions, and Parking

For directions to campus, try Google Maps (Malott Hall). There is a parking garage one block south of Malott Hall with entrances on Campus Road and Hoy Road. On the Google map, the parking garage is located between two green patches (Hoy Field and Schoellkopf Field) and will appear if you zoom in a little.

Visitors may park in most spots on campus on the weekend with no permit, in particular in the area around Malott Hall. Be careful of the areas marked with a moon: these are restricted at all times. On Monday and Tuesday, stop at an information booth to purchase a visitor permit, or use metered parking.

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