Harel Barzilai
Visiting Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics,
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-4201
Office: 201 Malott Hall
Phone: (607) 255-0126
Fax: (607) 255-7149
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Curricula and Curricular Development

  • Fairly extensive Archive of Reform Calculus Resources: Cooperative Learning Activities, Long-Term Projects & more, along with some resources for instructors. This regularly-updated website builds on the Cornell Projects-Based Calculus initiative I helped lead while a graduate student at Cornell.

  • A few activities for mathematical literacy, graphical literacy, and College Algebra

  • Curricular Resource Binders for Math ADEPT.

  • Journal articles (An Equivalence Relation ; Conceptual Algebra in a Meanings-based Curriculum: Turning student errors into learning opportunities..)
  • Quantitative Literacy

  • Pilot Numeracy Across the Curriculum (NAC) Initiative at Salisbury University.

  • K-12 Teacher Education

  • Math ADEPT -- The Allied Delmarva Enhancement Program for Teachers.
    Math Content for Middle-School Teachers (2001 NSF award and 2002 MHEC award press releases) Co-PI for $513,000 NSF grant (2001; plus $50,000 2004-2005 supplement) and PI for $95,000 MHEC grant (2002). Development of integrated suite of active-learning content courses, T.A. opportunities for K-12 teachers, and "Modified Lesson Plans" assignments.

    Resource Binder for University Faculty and K-12 Partners interested in creating ADEPT-type programs ( ~200 pages, from Math ADEPT K-16 Collaboration Workshop) With Homer W. Austin. June 2005 NSF-funded workshop. Portions are online.

  • Occasional supplemental ADEPT-related summer workshops.

  • Research on Undergraduate Mathematics Education (RUME)
    • Older work on recurring calculus mistakes
    • More recent work on preservice teachers' understanding of mathematical logic (especially, mathematical implication, contraposition, etc)

    Multiculturalism in Math; Math and Social/Cultural Issues

  • Black  Mathematicians A Celebration of African and African-American Mathematical Achievements. (created for Black History Month, 1999, with grateful acknowledgement to MAD site of Dr. Scott Williams)

  • On-going development of curricular materials on sustainability issues.

  • Expository Mathematics Writing, Essays, etc

  • DIMACS Educational Module. Lead author in 3-member writing team . Falls under both "expository writing" and "curricular development". Authored A Gentle Introduction to Mathematical Cluster Analysis, with Kathy Andrews and Alex Kheyfits, Module 03-7, Educational Module Series.

  • Education for Democracy (Essay; written circa 2000).

  • Curriculum Vitae

  • Links