Vector Bundles & K-Theory

The plan is for this to be a fairly short book focusing on topological K-theory and containing also the necessary background material on vector bundles and characteristic classes. Here is a provisional Table of Contents. At present only about half of the book is in good enough shape to be posted online, approximately 120 pages. This is available as a pdf file here. (I have reformatted this with narrower margins for a better reading experience on devices like an iPad, but for a paper copy with more standard size margins try printing at 85-90 per cent of full size.)

What is included in this installment is:

Much of this material is already well covered in other sources, notably the classic books of Atiyah (K-theory) and Milnor & Stasheff (Characteristic Classes). These books are still in print, although they have become somewhat expensive.

Eventually I intend for the book to include a few more things that aren't readily accessible elsewhere, such as the full story on the stable J homomorphism. What is posted now is Version 2.2, dated November 2017. This is a minor revision of Version 2.0 from January 2003, with the addition (in 2017) of a section 3.3 giving the obstruction theory definition of Stiefel-Whitney classes.