Justin Tatch Moore

   553 Malott Hall
   Department of Mathematics
   Cornell University
   Ithaca, NY 14853-4201
   phone: (607)-255-4185
   FAX: (607)-255-7149

   MATH 4540: Differential Geometry
   MATH 6830: Model Theory
   Cornell Mathematics

Research: My primary area of research is Ramsey theory of infinite sets. Perhaps the best illustrations of this interest can be found in my solutions to the basis problem for uncountable linear orders and to the L space problem from general topology. I am also interested in determining the consequences of relating the continuum to certain values of the aleph function. Examples of work along these lines are my papers The Open Coloring Axiom, the continuum, and the second uncountable cardinal and Set mapping reflection.

Editorial work: I am an editor for the Archive of Mathematical Logic. I handle papers in set theory. Submissions to the AFML are handled centrally.