MATH 4370 - Computational Algebra (Fall 2019)

What we covered so far & Problem Sets




Lectures: TR 2:55-4:10, Malott 406

Lecturer: Karola Mészáros

Lecturer office hours: Monday 1-2, Malott Hall 440

TA: Avery St. Dizier

TA office hours: Wednesday 3-5, Malott Hall 218

Topic: This is an introductory class on computational algebra aimed at undergraduate students. We'll be covering topics from:
Cox, Little, O'Shea. Ideals, varieties, and algorithms (fourth edition) (full text online)

Syllabus & Grading

Lecture notes by Linus Setiabrata

The classroom is a technology-free zone. If you feel you have a serious reason to use some gadget, please discuss this with me in advance.