Lawren Smithline

I have moved to CCR in Princeton, NJ.


What does this picture mean?

CV pdf

Research Plan pdf

Teaching Philosophy pdf

AMS coversheet

Here are some updates from my sequence alignment project.

Information about:

Publication list

Other Cornell Math Department information:

My resume a la pdf,
my resume a la ps,
my resume a la dvi,
my resume a la ascii,
and curriculum vitae.

Modern integer factorization discusses how to factor integers. Slides and notes on factorization.

Someday I'll put some nifty stuff here. In the meantime, here's
a fun search engine and some news, and some techie news.

Take a trip back to 1979, when my computer came with schematics, and open source was real:
the reference manual had documented assembly code for the system ROM, all 2k of it.

See the Cal Triathlon crew in action and on the town

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