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Math Explorers' Club

Math Explorers' Club is an outreach program at Cornell University seeking to teach middle school and high school students thought-provoking and perhaps useful areas of mathematics that they would not otherwise be exposed to in a typical curriculum. These materials are directed towards teachers, who are welcome to adapt and copy the materials in any way they see fit, as well as to more advanced students, who may wish to learn independently.

The Math Explorers' Club materials come in independent self-contained sections, called modules. Each module teaches material associated with a particular theme and is aimed at students with a particular level of mathematical sophistication. This website is one such module. Please see the main Math Explorers' Club website for a list of all of the modules.

Chaos and Fractals

This six-part module is intended as an introduction to chaos, fractals, and dynamical systems for high schoolers. This work originally began as an after school club at Ithaca High School in New York and has been converted into this website. Each one of the six parts is mostly independent of the others, though the first one does give a context to the module as a whole as well as motivation to study dynamical systems at all.

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