Puzzles II

For introduction to puzzle, please click here. These lessons can be seen as a continuation to the link stated before. In these lessons, you are going to see numerous kinds of puzzles and games. Without assuming any advanced mathematics, it is amazing to see that we are able to solve a lots of interesting  puzzles. Of course, you can try to play these games with your friends.

Lesson 1 Game: Asking yes-no questions wisely

Lesson 2 Playing Chess

Lesson 3 A hypergame

Lesson 4 Puzzles (1-6)

Lesson 5 Puzzles (7-12)

Lesson 6 Puzzles (13-18)


My best mathematical and logic puzzles, by Martin Gardner, Dover 0-486-28152-3 (1994)

Games Magazine in 1978

Scientific American 1975-1977