Project Based Math 112, Fall 2001 Project Based Math 112, Fall 2001
Instructions for Activities

  1. Introduce yourself to the members of your group.
  2. Have someone be in charge of keeping time. This way you will not run out of time before completing the activity.
  3. Choose someone to be responsible for producing a legible version of your work. Each group will hand in one copy of the activity which should have the names of all members of the group on it.

  4. Make sure everyone reads and understands the directions.
  5. For longer activities, you may want to divide up the problem. Be sure that everyone in the group understands what is expected of them.

    For example: ``First, let's brainstorm together what information we have about the function. Then, Beth will use that information to sketch the function while Chris factors the given polynomial, and Debra looks up the formula for the sine of a sum of two angles and plugs in the appropriate variables here, then works with Chris to decide behind which door the dragon is most likely hiding. Then together we use Beth's sketch and Debra's equation to design the hose to put out the fire-breathing dragon's flames, and the velocity vectors needed to use for the catapult for getting the Ben and Jerry's ice cream pints to tumble down into our waiting hands.''
  6. Double-check your computations and reasoning. With several pairs of eyes at your disposal, there should be (virtually) no mistakes.
  7. Acknowledge and explain those mistakes that cannot be fixed in time.
  8. Be creative and have fun!

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