This is a repository for some of the program files made in the REU program.

Mike Usher


  • readme.txt a summary of my work and descriptions of my programs. (All other files are Maple programs):
  • nd_even Computes the "new basis" functions for the space H_n in terms of the old basis functions, where n is even. Also computes the numbers p[i], q[i], f[i], and g[i].
  • nd_matrices Same as "nd_even," but for n odd.
  • gip_2 Computes inner products and energies of the "new basis" functions.
  • h_basis_to_level_k Finds the functions in the basis of harmonic functions to any specified depth in the Sierpinski gasket; needed for Finite Element Method.
  • bh_basis_to_level_k Same as "h_basis_to_level_k," but for the biharmonic basis.
  • ternary_to_matrix(bh), ternary_to_matrix(h), integration(bh), integration(h), time_matrix, time_matrix(h) All these files compute certain matrices or vectors used in the Finite Element Method (see readme.txt for more details)
  • All files of form temp*.m These are Maple output files which may be used to avoid having to compute things that have already been computed. They are described specifically in "readme."
  • Karl Papadantonakis