Scientific Computing and Numerics (SCAN) Seminar

Fall 2013

The focus of this seminar is various methods in scientific computing, the analysis of their convergence properties and computational efficiency, and their adaptation to specific applications. Questions or comments about the seminar should be sent to David Bindel or Alex Vladimirsky. Please go here if you wish to subscribe to the seminar announcement mailing list. Students who plan to attend regularly may take the seminar for credit as CS 7290 or MATH 7290, and should contact the organizers for more information.

The seminar meets Mondays, 1:25-2:15 pm, in 315 Upson Hall.

Date Speaker Title
Sep 16 Nick Trefethen,
Math, Oxford
Algorithms based on analytic function values at roots of unity
Sep 16 Nick Trefethen,
Math, Oxford
Numerical computing with Chebfun and Chebfun2 (Flyer)
Special lecture: 3:30-4:30 pm, Upson B17.
Sep 23 Maria Cameron,
Math, UMD
Computational tools for the analysis of rare transitions in stochastic networks
Sep 30 Amanda Hood,
CAM, Cornell
Localization for the nonlinear eigenproblem
Oct 07 Kevin Tang,
ECE, Cornell
HALO: Hop-by-hop Adaptive Link-state Optimal Routing
Oct 14 Fall Break
Oct 21 Joseph Vokt,
CS, Cornell
Sy Yeu Chou,
Math, Cornell
Approximating matrices with multiple symmetries: with an application to quantum chemistry
Numerical Exploration of the Point Vortex Model on a Bounded Domain
Oct 28 Dmitry Yershov,
Heuristic-driven wavefront propagation algorithms
for robot optimal feedback planning
Oct 30
Martijn Mes,
IE&BIS, U. Twente
Tactical planning in healthcare processes using approximate
dynamic programming with Bayesian exploration

Special lecture - joint with ORIE (1:25pm in 111 Upson Hall).
Nov 04 Molei Tao,
Math, NYU
Geometric Multiscale Integration of Deterministic and Stochastic Systems
Nov 9 4th New York Conference on Applied Mathematics
Nov 11 Tuhin Sahai,
The Traveling Salesman Problem and Related Applications
Nov 18 Wendy Zeng,
Math, Cornell
Keyi Wu,
Math, Cornell
Visualizing Economic Data via Diffusion Maps and Clustering
Automated Gating of Flow Cytometry Data with Rho Path Distance
Nov 25 Ian Lizarraga,
CAM, Cornell
A Global Bifurcation of Mixed-Mode Oscillations
Dec 02 Jose Gonzalez Ondina,
CEE, Cornell
Numerical Modeling of 3D transient sediment transport
Dec 06
Xiangxiong Zhang,
Math, MIT
Positivity-preserving high order accurate schemes for convection dominated equations
Special lecture (2:25-3:15pm in 205 Malott Hall).

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