Scientific Computing and Numerics (SCAN) Seminar

Spring 2014

The focus of this seminar is various methods in scientific computing, the analysis of their convergence properties and computational efficiency, and their adaptation to specific applications. Questions or comments about the seminar should be sent to David Bindel or Alex Vladimirsky. Please go here if you wish to subscribe to the seminar announcement mailing list. Students who plan to attend regularly may take the seminar for credit as CS 7290 or MATH 7290, and should contact the organizers for more information.

The seminar meets Mondays, 1:25-2:15 pm, in 406 Gates Hall.

Date Speaker Title
Feb 24 David Bindel,
CS, Cornell
Music of the microspheres: eigenvalue problems from micro-gyro design
Mar 03 Jon Wilkening,
Math, UC Berkeley
Standing-Traveling Water Waves: Stability, Singularity Formation, and Microseisms
Mar 10 Perrine Pepiot,
MAE, Cornell
Automatic chemistry reduction strategies for transportation fuel combustion modeling
Mar 17 No Seminar
Mar 24 Jim Dai,
ORIE, Cornell
(& Georgia Tech)
Computing stationary distributions of diffusion processes
Mar 31 Spring Break
Apr 07 Benjamin Seibold,
Math, Temple
High-Order Methods for Pressure Poisson Equation Reformulations of the Navier-Stokes Equations
Apr 14 Aaron Palmer
Math, Cornell
Optimal Stationary Value of Drift-Dominated Controlled Diffusion Processes: Computational Challenges and Effective Algorithms
Apr 21 Sergey Fomel,
UT Austin
Apr 28 Zhengdi Shen,
CAM, Cornell
Optimal control of piecewise-deterministic processes
May 05 Andreea Minca,
ORIE, Cornell
Optimal control of interbank contagion under complete information

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