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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can letters of recommendation be submitted via email?
A: Yes, they can be sent to

Q: What analysis background should I have?
A: Applicants are expected to have taken a standard calculus sequence, through multivariable calculus. A further course in some aspect of analysis (e.g., analysis, complex analysis, differential equations) is strongly recommended.

Q: Can I receive college credit for participating in SMI?
A: Course credit is not available through Cornell, but you may be able to receive credit through your home institution.

Q: How many students will participate in SMI?
A: Twelve to fourteen students.

Q: I'm not a US citizen or permanent resident. Am I eligible for SMI?
A: Sorry, but no. Our funding source, the US National Science Foundation, only permits us to fund US citizens and permanent residents.

Q: I'll be graduating this coming spring. Am I eligible for SMI?
A: Yes, you and other graduating seniors are eligible for SMI if you will be attending graduate school in the mathematical sciences.

Q: Where are students housed?
A: Students live together in Cornell dormitories.

Q: Are there similar programs elsewhere?
A: Yes, here is a partial list of similar programs that may interest you.