Highly Symmetric Tensegrity Structures

by Bob Connelly and Bob Terrell


The mathematics is based on the book in progress "Frameworks Tensegrities and Symmetry: Understanding Stable Structures" by R.Connelly and S.D.Guest.

The program uses the render package from
to display the tensegrities in a rotatable form.

The JAMA matrix package from
is used for calculations with matrix representations.

This is an update of an older catalogue by Allen Back and Bob Connelly. Many of the choices of cable classes and struts were taken from the earlier work.

This project was carried out by Bob Terrell closely collaborating with Bob Connelly of Cornell University.

The design of this web page was boldly copied from that of Simon Guest and Jingyao Zhang.

This work was partially supported by NSF grant number DMS 0510625.

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Last Update: 9th June 2008.