Vladimirsky Consulting

Please note: this is my old software consulting web-page (last updated in December 2000).
Since then I have concentrated on my mathematical research and have not actively participated in any commercial software development. This page is reproduced "as is" mostly for sentimental/historical reasons. Currently I am not interested in any math-unrelated software contracts.

(Dear recruiters, headhunters, and employment agencies: please do not include this file into your databases!)

Since 1993 I have been working as an independent contractor under the business name Vladimirsky Consulting. While working with several leading software companies, I have acquired experience in many branches of modern software engineering.
However, I have especially strong background in the following areas:

A large part of this expertise was acquired while working with NeoLogic Systems - the manufacturer of NeoAccess, a cross-platform object-oriented database engine. While participating in the development of this product I was responsible for integrating it into a number of Windows based application frameworks (zApp, MFC, OWL) and became familiar with portability and design principles of several frameworks on other platforms.
I have participated in design and development of the following core features of NeoAccess:

My recent software development interests include:

I am putting a considerable effort into expanding my expertise in the above areas and I am actively looking for the relevant contracts.

Vladimirsky Consulting provides expertise on ODBMS and also on general issues of object-oriented architecture and design. If you think your current project could use some help from an expert consultant please send email to vlad@math.berkeley.edu.

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