Abstracts for the Seminar
 Discrete Geometry and Combinatorics
 Fall 2015

Speaker:  Farbod Shokrieh, Cornell University
Title: Matroids and their Jacobians
Time: 2:30 PM, Monday, November 23, 2015
Place:  Malott 206

Abstract: I will start with a general introduction to the theory of matroids. I will then focus on the class of regular matroids, and discuss how some ideas from chip-firing games extend from graphs to these matroids. For example, for such matroids one can define Jacobian groups whose cardinality/volume is related to the "complexity" of the matroid. I will end by introducing a very general class of bijections between Jacobian elements and bases elements. Although these bijections are described purely combinatorially, it turns out that there is a very beautiful geometry behind the scenes.

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