Discrete Geometry and Combinatorics Seminar
Fall 2011
Mondays 2:30 PM to 3:30 in Malott 206 

Topics of interest are discrete geometry and algebraic combinatorics, including the geometry and combinatorics of polyhedra, enumeration in partially ordered sets and triangulations, matroid theory, the theory of rigid and flexible frameworks, tilings, packing, and graph theory.

This seminar is run jointly by   Louis Billera (billera@math.cornell.edu), Bob Connelly (connelly@math.cornell.edu) and Ed Swartz (ebs@math.cornell.edu). Please feel free to suggest speakers or volunteer to speak.

For the schedule in 2011-2012 see below. To see lists of earlier talks in this series, click here.



09/12 Marcelo Aguiar, Texas A&M Algebra based on real hyperplane arrangements
09/19 E. Swartz, Cornell U. What I learned from my REU students this summer
09/26    Emanuele Delucchi      
U. of Bremen
Toric arrangements: combinatorial models
 and the fundamental group
10/03 E. Swartz, Cornell U. Introduction to symmetric functions
10/04 F. Rincon, UC Berkeley
2:55 PM - MALOTT 203
Tropical linear spaces, valuated matroids, and matroid polytope subdivisions
10/17 L. Escobar, Cornell U. Symmetric functions, II
10/24 A. Bertiger, Cornell U. Symmetric functions, III
10/31 M. Hughes, Cornell. U. Quotients of spheres and the Tutte polynomial
11/07 K. Chong, Cornell U. Symmetric function, IV
11/14 M. Readdy, U. Kentucky Euler flag enumeration of Whitney stratified spaces
11/21 E. Swartz Symmetric functions, V

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