I am a Ph.D. candidate in mathematics at Cornell University, under the supervision of Laurent Saloff-Coste. I am also fortunate to have Lionel Levine and Éva Tardos on my committee. I completed my B.A. in mathematics at Swarthmore College and M.S. in computer science at Cornell University.

My research is on random walks on finite groups, especially how random processes are influenced by the geometry of the space on which they take place. I am also interested in other connections between the geometric/algebraic properties of spaces and the functions on them, as well as problems in theoretical computer science.

This semester, I am teaching a math seminar at Ithaca High School on the probabilistic method. In Fall 2018, I was an instructor for Math 1110: Calculus I. I have also been a teaching assistant for Math 2940: Linear Algebra for Engineers and Math 2240: Theoretical Linear Algebra and Calculus.
Publications & Preprints.
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