Analysis Seminar 2009-10

List of Talks given in 2009-10

Monday, August 31   Zhou Zhang, University of Michigan
Scalar curvature behavior of Kaehler-Ricci flow
Monday, September 7   Camil Muscalu, Cornell University
Boundedness of pseudo-differential operators: a natural approach
Monday, September 14   Sudeb Mitra, Queens College of CUNY and Cornell University
Holomorphic motions and holomorphic families of Mobius groups
Monday, September 21   Yunping Jiang, CUNY
On combinatorial characterization of rational maps
Monday, October 19   Tyler Whitehouse, University of Minnesota
Multiway curvatures and the multiscale geometry of d-regular measures
Monday, October 26   Larry Guth, University of Toronto
Multilinear Kakeya estimates and algebraic varieties
Monday, November 2   Kyril Tintarev, Uppsala University
Cocompact embeddings of Banach spaces and the critical nonlinearity revisited
Monday, November 9   Artem Pulemotov, Cornell University
Gradient estimates for the heat equation on manifolds with boundary
Monday, November 16   Brian Street, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Multi-parameter Carnot-Carathéodory geometry
Monday, November 23   Robert Strichartz, Cornell University
Laplacians on quadratic Julia sets
Monday, November 30   Jian Song, Rutgers University
The Kahler-Ricci flow through singularities
Monday, December 7   David Glickenstein, University of Arizona
Ricci flow on 3D metric Lie algebras
Monday, February 1   Ben Chow, UCSD
Cross curvature flow - a survey
Monday, February 8   Matthew Noonan, Cornell University
Geometric transformations for PDE
Monday, February 15   Alexander Teplyaev, University of Connecticut
Diffusions and spectral analysis on fractals: an overview
Monday, February 22   Igors Gorbovickis, Cornell University
Kneser-Paulsen conjecture for large radii
Monday, March 1   Maria Gordina, University of Connecticut and Cornell University
Integrated Harnack inequalities
Monday, March 8   Meijun Zhu, University of Oklahoma
Local and global sharp geometric inequalities
Monday, March 15   Qi S. Zhang, University of California Riverside
On Hamilton's little loop conjecture and number of surgeries in 3-dimensional Ricci flow
Monday, April 5   Marianna Csornyei, University College London and Yale University
Tangents of null sets and other problems in geometric measure theory
Monday, April 19   Mihai Stoiciu, Williams College
Random matrices with Poisson eigenvalue statistics
Monday, April 26   Jiaping Wang, University of Minnesota
Ends of locally symmetric spaces
Monday, May 3   M. Helena Noronha, California State University and NSF
Metrics with nonnegative isotropic curvature
Monday, May 10   Robert Strichartz, Cornell University
Spectral asymptotics revisited