Analysis Seminar

List of Talks given in 2011-12

Monday, August 29   Zhou Zhang, University of Sydney
General weak limit for Kahler-Ricci flow
Monday, September 26   Alexander Bendikov, Wroclaw University
Markov semigroups on some ultra-metric spaces
Monday, October 17   Robert Haslhofer, ETH Zurich
Singularities in 4d Ricci flow
Monday, October 24   Benjamin Dodson, University of California at Berkeley
Global well-posedness and scattering for the L^2-critical, nonlinear Schrodinger equation
Monday, October 31   Marian Gidea, Northeastern Illinois University and IAS
Perturbations of geodesic flows producing unbounded growth of energy
Monday, November 7   Nathaniel Eldredge, Cornell University
Widder’s theorem for Dirichlet spaces
Monday, November 14   Ovidiu Munteanu, Columbia University
Gradient Ricci solitons
Monday, November 21   Adam Jacob, Columbia University
The Yang-Mills flow and the Atiyah-Bott formula on compact Kahler manifolds
Monday, November 28   Yulij Ilyashenko, Cornell University and Independent University of Moscow
Rotation numbers and moduli of elliptic curves
Monday, December 5   Michael Robinson, University of Pennsylvania
Euler integral transforms and applications
Monday, January 23   Satoshi Ishiwata, University of Tsukuba
Heat kernel estimates on connected sums with non-compact joint
Monday, January 30   Valentino Tosatti, Columbia University
The Chern-Ricci flow
Monday, February 6   Justin Moore, Cornell University
A boolean action of C(M,U(1)) without a spacial model and a re-examination of the Cameron-Martin theorem
Monday, February 13   Joe Po-Chou Chen, Cornell University
Heat kernel, spectral zeta function, and quantum statistical mechanics on Sierpinski carpets
Monday, February 20   Peter Luthy, Cornell University
Bi-parameter maximal multilinear operators inspired by questions in ergodic theory and PDE
Monday, February 27   Ryan Hynd, New York University
Option pricing in the large risk aversion, small transaction cost limit
Monday, March 5   William Wylie, Syracuse University
Einstein metrics and Ricci solitons
Monday, March 12   Elena Beretta, University La Sapienza
Some issues on electrical impedance tomography with complex coefficient
Monday, March 19   Roberto Paroni, Universita di Sassari
Nonlinear thin-walled beam: derivation of a hierarchy of one-dimensional models
Monday, March 26   Eyvindur Palsson, University of Rochester
On multilinear generalized Radon transforms
Monday, April 2   Qiu Hua, Cornell University
Exact spectrum of the Laplacian on a domain in the Sierpinski gasket
Monday, April 9   Robert Strichartz, Cornell University
Average number of lattice points in a disk
Monday, April 16   Anna Mazzucato, Penn State University and Cornell University
Mixed-boundary-value and transmission problems on generalized polygons
Monday, April 23   Jason Anema, Cornell University
Counting spanning trees on fractal graphs
Monday, April 30   Ilya Spitkovsky, College of William and Mary
The current state of the almost periodic factorization
Monday, May 7   Anders Oberg, Uppsala University
Bernoulli properties for fractal measures