MATH 5080: Mathematics for Secondary School Teachers (aka "Saturday Workshops for Teachers")

Recent Workshop Agendas, Handouts, and Related Links

In some cases the original source of the material is unknown. If you know the source, please contact Mary Ann Huntley so that proper attribution can be made. Unless otherwise indicated, the links are to PDF files.

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Nov 2017

Bev West: Table Cloth Math

Sep 23 2017

Julia Gordon:
From digits to numbers
The decimal system and a strange world of $p$-adic numbers
Report of the ambassador to Cida-2 by Clifton Cunningham

Mar 25 2017

Diane Briars: Effective mathematics teaching practices

Mar 11 2017

Richard Rand: The mathematics of pumping a swing
Kelly Delp: On the possible values of pi (Keynote file)
Lee Kaltman: Math learning through games
Amy Beth Prager: Career motivations among technical undergraduates

Oct 29 2016  
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Oct 24 2015 Bev West
Oct 3 2015 Mary Ann Huntley: Not All Tasks Are Created Equal
May 2015  
March 2015 Paule Kehle: Fair and Stable Matchings: A Computational Thinking Module
Nov 15 2014 Andrew Roberts: The Role of Mathematics in Understanding the Earth's Climate (slides)
Maria Terrell: Using Arithmetic of Real Numbers to Explore Limits and Continuity (handout)
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Cindy Callard and Jane LaVoie (University of Rochester)

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April 2011 Mary Ann Huntley (Cornell University)
March 2011 Tim Riley (Cornell University)
November 2010 Caline Kahvarani (Ithaca High School) and Lee Kaltman (DeWitt Middle School)
October 2010 Annalisa Crannell (Franklin and Marshall College)
April 2010  
March 2010 Aaron Weinberg (Ithaca College) Stephen West (SUNY Geneseo)
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May 2009 Tisha Riley (Dryden High School) and Mary Gfeller (SUNY Cortland)
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