Math 1920, Calculus for Engineers

Welcome my webpage for Math 1920! This semester we will be focusing on the geometry of three-dimensional space, calculus in several variables, and the major theorems of vector calculus: Green's Theorem, Stokes's Theorem, and the Divergence Theorem.

My office hours are Monday and Wednesday 3:30-5:00 in Malott 218.

Homework should be neat and stapled. Grading of homework will be based on completeness, timeliness, and neatness.

Up to three exercises in each assignment may be chosen by the student for careful consideration. Write at the top of the homework page: "Please look at" followed by the numbers of the exercises. I will make comments on these chosen exercises and, when appropriate, indicate how I would grade a similar exercise on an exam.

Here is a collection of all the exercises we have done during section meetings, plus a few extra problems.

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My directory page in the math department