Cornell Dynamics Seminar, Fall 2011

Friday 2:25, Malott 205

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Schedule of talks:
August 26:
Organizational meeting

September 2:
Yulij Ilyashenko, Cornell University and Independent University of Moscow
Bony and thick attractors
September 9 :
Igors Gorbovickis, Cornell University
Kupka-Smale property for volume preserving automorphisms of C^2
September 16:
no meeting

September 23:
John Hubbard, Cornell University
An analytic construction of the compactification of moduli space of curves by stable curves

September 30:
Joshua Bowman, Stony Brook University
Rock-paper-scissors in the complex world

October 7:
no meeting (day before fall break)

October 14:
no meeting

October 21:
Jon Chaika, University of Chicago
Ergodicity and skew products of interval exchange transformations

October 28:
Andrey Gogolev, Binghamton University
Structure of smooth conjugacy classes of Anosov systems

November 4:
John Smillie, Cornell University
Parabolic Behavior in Two Complex Dimensions
November 11:
Kuntal Banerjee, Boston University (talk rescheduled for November 30)
Arnol'd Tongues for the Standard family
November 18:
Roland Roeder, Indiana University — Purdue University Indianapolis
Intertwined Basins for a cylinder map arising from statistical physics

November 25:
no meeting (Thanksgiving break)

November 30:
Kuntal Banerjee, Boston University
Arnol'd Tongues for the Standard family
Attention: special date, time and place. Wednesday, 3:30pm, Malott 310D.

Mitya Ryzhov, Chebyshev Laboratory, St. Petersburg State University
Phase-lock effect for equations on the torus modeling Josephson junctions
Attention: special date, time and place. Wednesday, 4:30pm, Malott 310D.
December 2:
Thomas Koberda, Harvard University
Teichmüller polynomials, Alexander polynomials and finite covers of surfaces

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