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Hello! I am an H.C. Wang Assistant Professor in Mathematics at Cornell University. I received my Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Nebraska under the direction of Lucho Avramov. I have also accepted a tenure track position at Wake Forest University that starts in the Fall of 2011.

My research interests are in commutative algebra, in particular the homological algebra of commutative rings. Below are a few neat math links, my schedule, the course webpages for my previous and current classes, as well as some of the research projects I am working on.

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Research Statement
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Cohomology of fiber products of local rings, Journal of Algebra 321(2009), no. 3, 507--536 ps, pdf
Minimal intersections and vanishing (co)homology, (with D. Jorgensen) Journal of Commutative Algebra 1(2009), no. 3, 758--773 ps, pdf
Hochster's theta function and the Hodge-Riemann bilinear relations, (with G. Piepmeyer, S. Spiroff and M. Walker) Advances in Mathematics 226(2010), no. 2, 1692-1714 ps, pdf
Connected sums of Gorenstein rings, (with L. Avramov and A. Hariharan) to appear, Crelle's Journal ps,pdf
Golod homomorphisms and finite G-type, (with L. W. Christensen) in preparation
Standard systems of parameters and rings with finite local cohomology, (with H. Rahmati) in preparation

Previous and Current Courses

Courses taught or teaching at Cornell
  • Math 1920 -- Multivariable Calculus for Engineers (Fall 2008)
  • Math 2210 -- Linear Algebra (Spring 2009)
  • Math 4330 -- Honors Linear Algebra for mathematics majors (Fall 2009)
  • Math 4370 -- Computational Algebra (Spring 2010)
  • Math 6340 -- Commutative Algebra (Spring 2010)
  • Math 1910 -- Calculus for Engineers (Fall 2010)
  • Math 7320 -- DG Algebra techniques in Commutative Algebra (Fall 2011)

  • Class taught at UNL
  • Math 100A -- Intermediate Algebra (Fall 2003)
  • Math 100A -- Intermediate Algebra (Spring 2004)
  • Math 203 -- Contemporary Math (Fall 2005)
  • Math 203 -- Contemporary Math (Spring 2007)
  • Math 221 -- Differential Equations (Spring 2007)
  • Math 314 -- Linear Algebra (Fall 2007)
  • Math 208 -- Calculus III (Spring 2008)
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    Math Fun

    Not much here at this point, just's daily Sudoku math puzzle.

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