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Lecture Time and Office Hours


Raul Gomez
Malott 593

Lecture Time:

M, W, F, 9:05–9:55am
Malott 224

Office Hours:

T 10 am–12 pm
Conference room 310D



Kristen Pueschel
Malott 102

Office Hours:

(M 4–6 pm)*
(F 2–3 pm)*
Malott 102
*Until April 24th.

About the Course

The purpose of this course is to provide a transition between calculus and real analysis. We will, essentially, go over all of the results you have already learned in your calculus class, only that this time we will actually prove them. The ultimate goal of the course, however, is to get you acquainted with the way mathematicians think and write proofs.

One of the challenges in this course involves translating between intuitive thoughts, often expressed in the ordinary language, and formal mathematical statements that may involve special terminology and mathematical notation. When you read a statement or analyze its proof, you will need to recognize the meaning behind the symbols; on the other hand, when you solve a problem or prove a statement yourself, you will have to express your ideas in a rigorous way.


The course will be based on the book "Introduction to Analysis" by Arthur Mattuck.


There will be a preliminary exam on Wednesday March 26th during lecture time. The final exam will take place on Monday May 12 from 7-9:30pm at Malott 251. You will not be allowed to bring notes to any of the exams.


There will be a weekly homework to be handed in every Wednesday during lecture time. The homework with the lower score will be dropped before computing your final grade. You can check the homework for this week by clicking the appropriate link on the left or, if you are still reading this, you can just click here.


Final grades will be calculated either by using the formula:

20% Homework + 40% Preliminary Exam + 40% Final Exam

or the formula:

10% Homework + 30% Preliminary Exam + 60% Final Exam.

But don't worry, you don't have to choose. I will calculate both grades at the end and assign you the better one. Letter grades will be curved.