• Notes on the Kakeya maximal conjecture and related problems. [PDF]

Master's thesis

  • Time-frequency analysis: the bilinear Hilbert transform and the Carleson Theorem. [PDF]


  • From needles and tubes to Fourier multipliers and beyond, Cornell University, 2017.
  • Lp regularity of avg. over curves and bounds for assoc. max. operators, Kopp, Germany, 2017.

Harmonic Analysis seminar at Cornell

  • We meet on Tuesdays after Olivetti at MLT 420C. We are studying polynomial methods in Analysis this spring. More precisely, the plan is to give a weak bound for the Erdös distance problem and to understand how one can use polynomials to improve the bounds on the Restriction Conjecture, among other problems related to Oscillatory Integrals. Our main references are Guth's book and papers that are listed here.