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Research: automorphic forms, and nearby areas.
List of Publications
In 2018 I organized with S.W. Shin, W. Muller a third Simons symposium on "Relative trace formulas".
In 2017 I organized with S.W. Shin, W. Muller and B. Speh an Oberwolfach workshop on "Harmonic analysis and the trace formula".
In 2016 I organized with S.W. Shin and W. Muller a second Simons symposium on "Geometric aspects of the trace formula".
In 2015 I organized with D. Zywina the Upstate New York number theory conference.
In 2014 I organized with S.W. Shin and W. Muller a Simons symposium and a Banff workshop on "Families of automorphic forms and the trace formula".
Teaching: MATH4310 Linear Algebra. MATH6120 Complex Analysis.
Past teaching (Cornell): MATH3320 Number theory. MATH6320 Algebra 2. MATH7370 Automorphic forms. MATH7370 Buildings. MATH6310 Algebra 1. MATH2210 Linear algebra. MATH1920 Calculus for Engineers.
(Princeton): MAT900 Junior seminar on celestial mechanics after Siegel's book. MAT514 Topics in automorphic forms: the philosophy of cusp forms. MAT202 Linear algebra. MAT104 Calculus. I served as director of Graduate Studies in 2011-2014 and organized the What's Happening in Fine Hall? seminar on Friday and the joint PU/IAS number theory seminar on Thursday.
Phone number: (607) 255-3443
npt twentyseven at cornell
Coordinates: 42.45°N 76.47°W
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Nicolas Templier
Department of Mathematics
Cornell University, Malott Hall
Ithaca, NY-14853-4201
My research is supported by the NSF and a Simons Fellowship. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this website are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of these Institutions.

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