Tara Holm
Tara Holm has an opinion piece in The Boston Globe titled “The real reason why the US is falling behind in math”.
Professor Eugene Borisovich Dynkin passed away on Friday, November 14th at Cayuga Medical Center at the age of 90.
Professor Michael Stillman has been named a 2015 Fellow of the American Mathematical Society (AMS).
The Atlantic has written an article profiling Steve Strogatz and MATH 1300 - Mathematical Explorations.
Steve Strogatz is a coauthor of a paper studying the benefits of taxi sharing that was recently published in the Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences.
Karen Vogtmann
Vogtmann was cited as an internationally renowned leader in geometric group theory who has made important contributions to our understanding of the automorphism groups of free groups.
MoMath will celebrate Steve Strogatz at the museum’s annual gala on October 14th.
Bill Thurston made fundamental contributions to topology, geometry, and dynamical systems. Mathematicians from a broad spectrum of areas will gather June 23-27 at Cornell to describe recent advances and explore future directions motivated by Thurston’s transformative ideas.
Martin Kassabov and Adrian Lewis will speak at the 2014 International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM) in Seoul this summer.
The career of Michael Stillman, recipient of the 2013 Stephen and Margery Russell Distinguished Teaching Award, is profiled in this week’s Cornell Chronicle.