I am primarily interested in higher categorical structures and their applications to homotopy theory and type theory. In particular, I am currently focused on comparing how different abstract shape structures (such as simplicial, cubical, globular) describe higher categories and model univalent type theory. Other interests include categorical models of universal algebra, topos theory, pointless topology, and categorical structures in computer science, physics, and linguistics. As an undergrad I did research in polyhedral decompositions of manifolds, hyperbolic knot theory, formal languages for concurrent processes, and computational astrophysics of plasma jets and supernova neutrinos.

Undergraduate Papers

  • Densities of Hyperbolic Cusp Invariants. Proceedings of the American Mathematical Society. Volume 146, Number 9, September 2018, Pages 4073–4089. [PDF] [arXiv]

  • specgen: A Tool for Modeling Statecharts in CSP. Nasa Formal Methods 282, 2017.

  • Nonstandard Neutrino Interactions In Supernovae. Physical Review D 94, 093007, 2016. [PDF] [arXiv]



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