Gregory F. Lawler, Professor of Mathematics

567 Malott Hall, (607) 255-4373
e-mail: lawler at

Department of Mathematics
Malott Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853-4201

B.A., 1976, University of Virginia
Ph.D., 1979, Princeton University


Ph.D. Students 


I am the editor of Annals of Probability. If you are interested in submitting a paper, you must do it electronically. See the web site for more information.

Tentative schedule of professional travel

Cornell Summer School in Probability

Workshop in SLE and Loop Measures

Probability Seminar, 2005--2006

Probability at Cornell

My bands, Mockin'bird (contra) and Svraka (Balkan)

A picture of the entering class of math grad students at Princeton in 1976

Happy Groundhog Day

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