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Games II 




We want to find strategies to win in various games.  It is possible that there is a systematic way to find such strategies for all games, but we will first explore specific games.

For the first game, you can play against the computer here or against a human here and figure out the rules, or read this:

Start with an m by n rectangle.  The 1st player picks a box and remove the boxes above and to the right of it including itself.  The 2nd player does the same.  Repeat until a player is forced to pick the (poison) box in the lower-left corner, in which case he loses.

Activity 1
  1. Play a few games (start with small rectangle first).  Try different sizes (2 by n, n by n, 3 by 4, etc.)
  2. Is there a winning strategy for the 1st player (for special cases)?

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