Cornell Discrete Geometry and Combinatorics Seminar
Spring 2015
Mondays 2:30-3:30 pm in Malott 206 

Topics of interest are discrete geometry and algebraic combinatorics, including the geometry and combinatorics of polyhedra, enumeration in partially ordered sets and triangulations, matroid theory, the theory of rigid and flexible frameworks, tilings, packing, graph theory, and combinatorial Hopf algebras.

This semester the seminar is run jointly by Marcelo Aguiar and Karola Mészáros. Please feel free to suggest speakers or volunteer to speak.

Our Founding Fathers are Lou Billera and Bob Connelly.

1/19/2015 Martin Luther King Day  
1/26/2015 Ernest Chong (Cornell University) Kruskal-Katona-type theorems
2/2/2015 Ivan Izmestiev (Freie Universität Berlin) Geometric Pachner moves, rigidity of non-convex polyhedra, and polytopality of simplicial spheres
2/16/2015 February break
2/23/2015 Karola Mészáros (Cornell University) Subword complexes via triangulations of root polytopes
2/26/2015 Karim Adiprasito (Hebrew University) Colloquium Thursday at 4:00
3/16/2015 Ed Swartz (Cornell University) Lower bound theorems for manifolds with boundary
3/23/2015 Farbod Shokrieh (Cornell University) Divisors on tropical curves and the Matrix-Tree Theorem
3/30/2015 Spring break
4/13/2015 Chi Ho Yuen (Georgia Institute of Technology) Geometric Bijections Between Spanning Trees and Break Divisors
4/20/2015 Eric Katz (University of Waterloo) Hodge theory in combinatorics
4/27/2015 James Propp (UMass Lowell) A derandomized percolation explorer and a derandomized Polya urn model
5/4/2015 Florian Frick (Technische Universität Berlin) From local combinatorics to geometry and topology of manifold triangulations

For the schedule of previous talks in this seminar: previous years, Fall 2010, Fall 2011, Fall 2012, Spring 2013, Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Fall 2014.

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