Probability Seminar 2009-10

List of Talks given in 2009-10

Wednesday, August 26   Alexander Bendikov, Wroclaw University
Spectral properties of random walks on locally finite groups
Monday, August 31   Edward Waymire, Oregon State University
Tree polymers
Monday, September 14   Gennady Samorodnitsky, Cornell University
Excursion sets over high levels of non-Gaussian infinitely divisible random fields: extreme values, algebra, and geometry
Monday, September 21   Jonathon Peterson, Cornell University
Bridges of random walks in a random environment
Monday, September 28   Steve Lalley, University of Chicago
Return probabilities of random walks on some tree-like graphs and groups
Monday, October 5   Ping Li, Cornell University
Compressed counting and random projections in data stream computations and entropy estimation
Monday, October 19   Erhan Bayraktar, University of Michigan
Strict local martingale deflators and pricing American call-type options
Monday, October 26   Ted Cox, Syracuse University
Intermediate range random walk on the two-dimensional torus
Monday, November 9   John Mayberry, Cornell University
Traveling waves of selective sweeps
Monday, November 16   Daniel Remenik, Cornell University
Brunet-Derrida particle systems, free boundary problems and Wiener-Hopf equations
Monday, November 23   Russ Thompson, Cornell University
Critical constants for recurrence on groups of polynomial growth
Monday, November 30   Sergio Pulido, Cornell University
Bubbles and futures contracts in markets with short-selling constraints
Tuesday, December 1   Eyal Lubetzky, Microsoft Research
Cutoff phenomena for random walks on random regular graphs
Monday, January 25   Ben Steinhurst, University of Connecticut
Diffusions and Laplacians on Laakso spaces
Monday, February 1   Michael Lugo, University of Pennsylvania
Singularity analysis and analytic combinatorics of discrete random structures
Monday, February 8   Amanda Redlich, MIT
Unbalanced allocations
Monday, February 15   Mang Wu, University of Connecticut
Brownian motion on the group of diffeomorphisms of the unit circle
Monday, February 22   Philip Protter, Cornell University
Absolutely continuous compensators
Monday, March 1   Jonathon Peterson, Cornell University
Current fluctuations for a system of one-dimensional random walks in a random environment
Monday, March 8   Tai Melcher, University of Virginia and Cornell University
Some results for heat kernel measures on a class of infinite dimensional Lie groups
Monday, March 15   Christian Gromoll, University of Virginia and Cornell University
Invariance of fluid limits for shortest remaining processing time queues
Monday, March 29   Maria Gordina, University of Connecticut and Cornell University
Levy processes in Lie groups
Monday, April 5   Richard Durrett, Cornell University
Progression to cancer and evolution of resistance in exponentially growing cell populations
Monday, April 19   Assaf Naor, New York University
Dvoretzky’s theorem in metric spaces
Monday, April 26   Alexander Fribergh, New York University
The speed of a biased random walk on a percolation cluster
Monday, May 3   Eric Kolacyz, Boston University
Drug target prediction: finding biological needles in a haystack of networks