Probability Seminar

List of Talks given in 2011-12

Monday, August 29   Susan Hunter, Cornell University
Large-deviation sampling laws for constrained simulation optimization on finite sets
Monday, September 12   Takashi Kumagai, RIMS, Kyoto
Convergence of mixing times for sequences of random walks on finite graphs
Monday, September 19   Janna Lierl, Cornell University
Estimates for the heat kernel with Dirichlet boundary condition
Monday, October 3   Yi Shen, Cornell University
On the location of the path supremum of stationary processes
Monday, October 17   Rolf Waeber, Cornell University
A bisection approach to stochastic root-finding
Monday, October 24   Zhen-Qing Chen, University of Washington
Brownian motion with darning and its application to conformal mappings
Monday, October 31   Anita Behme, TU Braunschweig and Michigan State University
Exponential functionals of Lévy processes
Tuesday, November 1   Qi-Man Shao, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Normal and non-normal approximation by Stein’s method
Monday, November 7   Partha Dey, New York University
Multiple phase transitions for long-range first-passage percolation on lattices
Monday, November 14   Patrick Driscoll, University of Virginia
Smooth densities for processes driven by fractional Brownian motion
Monday, November 21   Wenbo Li, University of Delaware
Probabilities of all real zeros for random polynomials
Monday, November 28   Marten Wegkamp, Cornell University
Joint variable and rank selection for parsimonious estimation of high dimensional matrices
Monday, December 5   Hamed Amini, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Epidemics and percolation in weighted random graphs
Monday, January 23   Daniel Fresen, University of Missouri
Variation of random polytopes in the space of convex bodies
Monday, February 6   Nathaniel Eldredge, Cornell University
Widder’s theorem for Dirichlet spaces
Monday, February 20   Tianyi Zheng, Cornell University
Return probability for random walk on wreath product and related groups
Monday, March 12   Avner Peleg, University at Buffalo
Interplay between bit-pattern randomness and pulse collisions in broadband fiber optics transmission lines
Monday, March 26   Michael Hinz, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena and University of Connecticut
Vector analysis on fractals and applications
Monday, April 9   Martin Hildebrand, University of Albany
On a lower bound for the Chung-Diaconis-Graham random process
Monday, April 16   Yimin Xiao, Michigan State University
Some results on the excursion probabilities of Gaussian random fields
Monday, April 30   Clinton Conley, Cornell University
Translation-invariant random colorings of Cayley graphs
Monday, May 7   Richard Ellis, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
From large deviations to statistical mechanics: what is the most likely way for an unlikely event to happen?