Opportunities for Grades K–12 Students

Mathematics Tutoring (Grades K–12)

Mary Ann Huntley organizes mathematics tutoring at local schools, community centers, and other sites around the region. Tutoring takes place in a variety of formats (e.g., in-class tutoring, after-school tutoring, one-on-one). Volunteer tutors include undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty.

Please contact Mary Ann Huntley for more information.

Girls' Adventures in Math (Grades 3–5)

Girls' Adventures in Math (GAIM) is a themed math competition for upper elementary and middle school girls, followed by strategy-based games. The day begins with a 60-minute, 16-question Round 1 and a 20 minute research question Round 2, followed by an afternoon of strategy games. Teams of four students from the same school compete in one of two divisions: Upper Elementary, for grades 3-5, and Middle, for grades 6-8. GAIM will be held at Cornell on Sunday, April 29.  More details here:  http://www.math.cornell.edu/files/Community/GAIM/GAIM.April2018.pdf

Ithaca Girls' Math Circle (Grades 6–11)

The Ithaca Girls' Math Circle is a group of girls in Grades 6-11 who meet every Saturday 5:00-7:15 p.m. in Corson Hall. Dinner is included as part of the meeting. The focus of the group is to stimulate interest in mathematics as well as to prepare the girls for math competitions. If you are a girl in grades 6-11 who loves mathematics, or if you are an undergraduate or graduate student interested in becoming a mentor to this group, please contact Dr. Laura Jones (lej4@cornell.edu).

Ithaca High School Math Seminar (Grades 10–12)

The Math Seminar was developed and conducted for several years with NSF funding. It is currently funded by the Mathematics Department and the Center for Applied Mathematics. Please contact Mary Ann Huntley for more information.

Please sign-up by Wednesday, June 13th if you plan to attend the student research presentations on Saturday, June 16, 2018.  More details to follow.

Mathematics Competitions (Grades 9–12)

The Cornell Mathematics Department supports local students in a variety of math competitions. Oftentimes graduate students coach the students in preparing for the competitions. In February, the Mathematics Department hosts the American Mathematics Contents (AMC) 10B and 12B sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America.

AMC 10B and 12B information and sign-up form — please sign up by January 31st for the 2017 exam.

Math Explorer’s Club Activities (Grades 8–12)

The Math Explorer’s Club collection includes more than 40 modules covering a wide variety of topics accessible to high-school students. The collection was developed by graduate students supported by the NSF. Starting fall 2012 we are implementing two of these modules at Cornell each term.

See the schedule for more information.

Family Mathematics Program (Grades 7–10)

Together with Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth (CTY), the Cornell Mathematics Department and Center for Applied Mathematics will hold an all-day mathematics program for students in grades 7-10 and their parents/caregivers. It is the philosophy of the program that the family relationship is critical in nurturing the potential of students, so it is essential that each student be accompanied by a parent.

The program for April 14th has been canceled. Future dates are being considered (Fall 2018 or Spring 2019.)

Numb3rs Math Activities

The Numb3rs Math Activities cover the mathematics behind each of the episodes of the popular TV series complete through the end of season 5. The collection was developed by graduate students supported by the NSF.

NSF Funding for Development of Materials and Activities

An NSF grant — EMSW21-MCTP: High School Outreach Programs (Award #0602193) — funds the development of materials and activities that give middle-school and high-school students experience with more advanced topics in mathematics. The PI on the grant is Mary Ann Huntley, with Co-PIs Maria Terrell, Kenneth Brown, and Edward Swartz.

Graduate students supported by the grant have produced materials for the Ithaca High School Senior Seminar, the Math Explorer’s Club collection, and the Numb3rs activities described above.