Math Explorers' Club (Grades 8–12)

With support from the National Science Foundation, graduate students have developed a collection of more than 40 mathematics modules that cover a wide variety of topics accessible to middle- and high-school students. We implement one or two of these modules on the Cornell campus each semester in what we call the “Math Explorer’s Club.”

When and Where

April 21 and May 5, 2018
10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m., pizza at 12:30
Cornell University, Malott Hall, room 532

Please sign up below at least two days before the start of the module if you plan to attend.
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Previous offerings


Introduce new mathematical concepts and problem solving strategies to grades 8-12 students who will, in turn, communicate their new knowledge in public forums (i.e., through posters and/or presentations).

What to Expect

Interactive lessons in a cooperative and supportive learning environment = lots of fun!
(See recent coverage in the Cornell Chronicle.)

Topic - Invariants

Instructor: Gautam Gopal Krishnan

This module is a fun introduction to invariants. An invariant is something that does not change. We will see how invariants show up in games, and how invariants even tell us how to win certain games! Join us to figure out what invariants mean through solving a variety of puzzles and challenges.

About the instructor: Gautam is a fourth year graduate student in mathematics studying representation theory. Originally from India, he moved to Ithaca about four years ago and fell in love with the snow and the beautiful winters. He hopes some day to become an expert skier.

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