Conferences and Workshops Attended

  • August 2022. FRG Workshop: Derived categories, moduli spaces and hyperkahler varieties. University of Michigan.
  • July 2022. VBAC 2022: Moduli spaces and vector bundles- New trends. University of Warwick.
  • June 2022. Recent advances in classical algebraic geeometry. Krakow.
  • June 2022. CATS60 (in honor of Carlos Simpson's 60th birthday). Toulouse.
  • June 2022. Geometric structures (re)united: Higgs bundles, geometric structures and character varieties. University of Illinois at Chicago.
  • May 2022. FRG Workshop: Derived categories and moduli spaces. Cornell University.
  • November 2021. Route 81 Conference. (Online).
  • October 2021. AGNES Showcase. (Online).
  • September 2021. Lukecin school: K3 categories and hyperkahler moduli spaces.. (Online).
  • January 2021. AIM Workshop: Moduli problems beyond geometric invariant theory. American Institute of Mathematics.(Online).
  • April 2019. Hot Topics Workshop: Recent progress in Langlands Program. MSRI.
  • March 2019. Arizona Winter School 2019: Topology and arithmetic.The Southwestern Center for Arithmetic Geometry.
  • January 2019. Winter School "Trace functions and their applications’. Congressi Stefano Franscini (ETH Zurich).
  • June 2018. L-functions: Open Problems and Current Methods. Hausdorff Center for Mathematics.
  • June 2018. Algebraic Groups and Geometrization of the Langlands Program. ENS Lyon.
  • March 2018. Arizona Winter School 2018: Iwasawa Theory. The Southwestern Center for Arithmetic Geometry.
  • February 2018. Winter School and Workshop "Riemann Hilbert Correspondences". UniversitĂ  di Padova.

Invited Talks

  • May 2022. University of Washington. Algebraic Geometry Seminar.
  • March 2022. Princeton University. Algebraic Geometry Seminar.
  • March 2022. University of Georgia. Algebraic Geometry Seminar (virtual).
  • February 2022. Columbia University. Algebraic Geometry Seminar.
  • February 2022. University of Utah. Algebraic Geometry Seminar.
  • February 2022. Stony Brook University. Algebraic Geometry Seminar.
  • January 2022. UC Santa Barbara. Seminar on Geometry and Arithmetic (virtual).
  • January 2022. Ohio State University. Arithmetic Geometry Seminar.
  • January 2022. University of Michigan. Algebraic Geometry Seminar.
  • November 2021. Pennsylvania State University. Algebra and Number Theory Seminar.
  • October 2021. University of Pennsylvania. Math-Physics Joint Seminar.
  • October 2021. University of Notre Dame. Algebraic Geometry and Commutative Algebra Seminar.
  • June 2021. ICMAT. Geometry Seminar (virtual).
  • April 2021. Department Colloquium (virtual). Univerity of Massachusetts Boston.