My work has been focused on investigating some moduli spaces arising in algebraic geometry. I am especially fond of variations on the moduli of G-bundles, as well as the moduli of pure sheaves. I would be keen on studying certain instances of moduli of varieties.

    I am also interested in geometric incarnations of the Langlands program. Some of the relevant mathematical objects include G-bundles, Higgs bundles, connections and automorphic forms over function fields.


  1. On automorphisms of semistable G-bundles with decorations. (arXiv: 2202.13360)
  2. The moduli stack of principal \rho-sheaves. (joint with T. L. Gomez and A. Zamora) (arXiv: 2107.03918)
  3. Moduli spaces of sheaves via affine Grassmannians. (joint with D. Halpern-Leistner and T. Jones) (arXiv: 2107.02172)
  4. Harder-Narasimhan stratification for the moduli stack of parabolic vector bundles. (arXiv: 2101.08871)
  5. Classification of affine normal SL(2) varieties with a dense orbit. (joint with R. Horruitiner) (arXiv: 2012.02815)
  6. On the quasicompactness of the moduli stack of logarithmic G-connections over a curve. (arXiv: 2002.11832)
  7. Reduction theory for connections over the formal punctured disc. (arXiv: 2003.00008)