Cornell Dynamics Seminar, Spring 2013

Friday 2:15pm, Malott 205

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Schedule of talks:

January 25:
Organizational meeting

February 15:
Kathryn Lindsey, Cornell University
Degree d invariant laminations: a legacy of Thurston
March 8:
Giovanni Forni, University of Maryland (CANCELLED)
The Katok conjecture for homogeneous flows
March 22:
Spring Break

March 29:
Rodrigo Treviño, Cornell University
Automated computer assisted proofs through topological methods
April 5:
Enrique Mallada, Cornell University
Synchronization of Weakly-Coupled Oscillators
April 12:
Jay Mireles-James, Rutgers University
Fixed point problems and rigorous computer assisted analysis of Dynamical Systems: Equilibria, Periodic Orbits, Invariant Manifolds, and Connecting Orbits
April 19:
Tanya Firsova, Stony Brook University
λ-Lemma in C2 and an Application to Dynamics
April 26:
Lucien Clavier, Cornell University
Exponential drift: a Ratner-type argument for discrete groups
May 3:
David Aulicino, University of Chicago
Some Results on Affine Manifolds in Genus 3 with a Zero Lyapunov Exponent

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