Topology & Geometric Group Theory Seminar

Spring 2009

Tuesdays and some Thursdays

1:30 – 2:30, Malott 207

Current and future talks

 Tuesday January 20 Meeting to decide upper-level courses
 Tuesday January 27 Justin Moore, Cornell University
Fast growth in Følner sets for Thompson's group F
 Tuesday February 3 No meeting this week
 Tuesday February 10 Max Horn, Technische Universität Darmstadt (currently visiting Cornell)
Involutions of groups with twin BN-pair
 Tuesday February 17 Pierre Py, University of Chicago
Quasi-morphisms and area-preserving homeomorphisms
 Tuesday February 24 Ross Geoghegan, Binghamton University
Subgroups of Thompson's group F
 Tuesday March 3 Eran Nevo, Cornell University
Using the Van Kampen obstruction
 Thursday March 12 Jim Conant, University of Tennessee
Quasi Lie algebras and concordance invariants of links
 Tuesday March 17 Spring break
 Thursday March 26 Amir Mohammadi, Yale University
Unipotent flows in positive characteristic and applications
 Tuesday March 31 Tim Riley, University of Bristol and Cornell University (soon)
How wild can a group with a quadratic Dehn function be?
 Tuesday April 7 Martin Kassabov, Cornell University
Subspace arrangements and property T
 Tuesday April 14 Biao Wang, Cornell University
Minimal surfaces in quasi-Fuchsian 3-manifolds
 Tuesday April 21 Adam Piggott, Bucknell College
Normal forms for automorphisms of groups
 Tuesday April 28 Claire Wladis, CUNY
Subgroups and distortion in the generalized Thompson groups
May 6 Jane Gilman, Rutgers University (Newark)
Continued fractions, palindromes, and PSL(2,C) discreteness criteria

Past talks

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Organizer: Ken Brown
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