Publications and Preprints

1) Sergio Da Silva, Strict Bott-Samelson Resolutions of Schubert Varieties, preprint, 2017, arxiv (accepted to Experimental Mathematics pending revisions).

2) D. Barbasch, S. Da Silva, B. Elek & G. Krishnan, Finite Type Multiple Flag Varieties of Exceptional Groups, preprint, 2017, arxiv (submitted to Proceedings of the AMS).

3) Edward Bierstone, Sergio Da Silva, Pierre Milman and Franklin Vera Pacheco, Desingularization by Blowings-up Avoiding Simple Normal Crossings, Proceedings of the AMS, Vol.142, 2014, 4099-4111. arxiv

4) Sergio Da Silva and Kalle Karu, On Oda’s Strong Factorization Conjecture, Tohoku Mathematical Journal, Vol. 63 Number 2, 2011, 163-182. arxiv

In preparation

5) Sergio Da Silva, Frobenius Splittings and the Desingularization of Hypersurfaces in Positive Characteristic. The most recent version is available here.

6) Sergio Da Silva, On the Gorensteinization of Schubert varieties via Boundary Divisors. The most recent version is available here.

A description of these topics can be found in my research statement