Recommended Coursework for Future Teachers

Mathematics (MATH) Courses

MATH Course Information

The following mathematics courses are highly recommended for students who want to pursue teaching.

  • MATH 3320: Introduction to Number Theory
  • MATH 4510: Euclidean and Spherical Geometry
  • MATH 4030: History of Mathematics
  • a statistics course
  • a computer programming course

Education (EDUC) Courses

EDUC Course Information

EDUC 2400: The Art of Teaching

For students wanting to see what teaching is about, EDUC 2400 is a good introductory course that includes guided observations in schools. However, it is very crowded, and it has been hard for students in the Arts & Sciences College to register. If you already know you want to teach mathematics, then you should take other courses.

EDUC 4040: Learning and Teaching I
EDUC 4050: Learning and Teaching in Agriculture, Mathematics and Science

These are the courses where you will learn the basics of teaching. Over the course of the year, there are 80 hours of observation in schools. You will discuss basic theory and practice of learning and teaching. Students keep journals and teach some lessons.

EDUC 3110: Educational Psychology

This course is a standard requirement for teaching certification in almost any state. You will need such a course at some time if you plan to teach. No field experience.

EDUC 4200: Field Experience

Students may engage in planned, semiprofessional, or professional practice in an educational enterprise. Each student prepares a plan of action including rationale, purposes, and procedures and arranges with a faculty member to supervise and evaluate their field experience.


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