Opportunities for Undergraduates to Teach at Cornell

Whether through individual tutoring and/or through cooperative learning workshops, there are a number of hands-on ways for undergraduates at Cornell to gain first hand experience in helping students learn mathematics.

Tutor for the Mathematics Support Center

The Mathematics Support Center (MSC) provides free tutoring to Cornell students in a variety of courses. Undergraduate tutors are hired to work with students individually or in small groups.

Undergraduate Grader for the Mathematics Department

Grading undergraduate homework offers an opportunity to learn which concepts students most often find difficult and to experience the diverse methods students exhibit in their problem solving approaches.

Course Assistant for the Mathematics Department

Learn about cooperative learning and how students can learn from each other by facilitating weekly group homework problem sessions in MATH 111 and 112. Course assistants are also undergraduate graders for one or two sections of 111 or 112.

Facilitator for the Academic Excellence Workshops

Peer education in an atmosphere of cooperative and collaborative learning is a the goal of the Academic Excellence Workshops in Engineering Mathematics 191, 192, 293, and 294.

Statistics Tutor for Learning Strategies Center

Statistics is rapidly taking on an increasingly important role in the pre-college and undergraduate curriculum.The Learning Strategies Center offers free tutoring to support introductory statistics from MATH 171 to a host of content area courses (e.g., PSYCH 350, SOC 301, AEM 210, BTRY ILR 210/211, PAM 210. To learn about a job, contact Mark Jauquet.


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