Web Sites for Students Interested in Mathematics Education

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics — This site has the national curriculum and instruction standards developed by the NCTM. It contains job listings, publications, articles of interest and archives.

NSF-Sponsored National Clearinghouses for New Curriculum

The K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Center

COMPASS: Curricular Options in Mathematics Programs for All Secondary Students — The 9-12 clearinghouse site at Ithaca College. Many links to sample materials and specific programs.

Show-Me Center — The NSF clearninghouse for middle school materials. Start with the Connected Math button.

Web Sites on Mathematics Education Philosophy

The Math Forum at Drexel — Many links to articles on mathematics education.

Constructivism and Education — a good historical overview

Preservice Teachers' Conceptions of Mathematics and How to Teach It

TIMSS: Third International Mathematics & Science Study

Problem Solving Web Sites

The Math Forum at Drexel: Problems of the Week | Famous Problems in the History of Mathematics — Problems of the week are in each of a variety of categories (including math fundamentals, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, and pre-calculus).

Figure This! Math Challenges for Families — Interactive mathematics miscellany and puzzles

Cut the Knot! Interactive Mathematics Miscellany and Puzzles — A simply amazing page with hundreds of proofs, puzzles, and little facts for any mathematical ability.


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